No Meeting Again!!! Don’t Panic we have a plan…

 Let’s Build Tiny Houses!

Many of the things we have planned really don’t work well unless we are face to face.

It’s okay because an idea was hatched by our very own Gail Caldwell; once again,

she saves the day… or month.

Thinking of our Comfort Quilts and Habitat for Humanity house recipients,

Gail found an adorable TINY HOUSE project. We can make these simple, super cute,

scrappy houses and collect them throughout the year. We’ll combine everyones

together to make house quilts to deliver to habitat home recipients. 

These tiny houses are easy to make, I promise, we have a video link for you to follow and a list of sizes to cut your fabric. You don’t need to buy anything, just use your scraps! They go together very quickly. I made eight tiny houses in under two hours including time to cut up a pile of each size.  The flying goose unit that makes the roof of the houses uses 2 ½ inch squares in white or off white or cream. If you don’t have any of that or don’t feel like cutting a bunch of them, our friends at The Quiltery in Fairfield will cut them for us; stop by and pick up a pack or two! Special price for us: $3.50 for 42 mini charms (2 ½ inch squares). So great to have a supportive local shop, a big thank you to The Quiltery!! 

The link to the video is on YouTube. Use this link to go to the site:  

Caution: it’s a Missouri Star Quilt video and they have four “house” videos.  Be sure it’s the Tiny House, one from two years ago. Not Little house. 

If we each make eight or ten of these and bring them to a meeting, we will have several habitat quilts in no time at all! 

Get busy using up those scraps!! Zosia

Cut fabric scraps:
Sides: 2” x 3”, cut 2
Door: 1 ½” x 3”
Top: 1 ½” x 4 ½” 
Roof unit: 2 ½” x 4 ½”  of a fun color plus white, cream or light sky color 2 ½” squares, cut 2

Happy TINY HOUSE Building!

Direction for a Tiny House quilt square