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Notes from Carol Schoner's Fabric Painting class

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​​Test the Accuracy of Your Scant ¼” Seam –

from Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, March/April 2022:
Using your quilting ruler to measure ¼” to the right

of your machine needle, mark your sewing machine bed with masking or painters tape.

From the fabric you will be using,

cut three 1 ½ “ x 6 strips.

Sew strips together lengthwise.

Set the seams and press them to one side.

Lay your quilting ruler atop the entire unit.

The center strip should be precisely 1” wide, and the

raw edges of the unit should measure 3 ½ ” x 6 ”.

If your unit is too small,

move your guide closer to the needle.

If it is too large,

move your guild a bit further from the needle.

Repeat and adjust as necessary until you achieve an accurate ¼” seam allowance.