1st: Hand Quilted Large                      1st: Hand Quilted, Medium

Hand Quilted Large
    1st: Star of the Bluegrass   by Alice McDonald
    2nd: Every Stitch by Hand   by Susan Greene     
    3rd: Embrodiered State Flower Block Quilt  by Margie Dewald    
    Honorable Mention: Wonderful World   by Mary Beth Baker

Hand Quilted Medium/Small
     1st: Folk Art Flowers    by Mary Beth Baker
     2nd: Teddy Confetti    by Judith Riley
     3rd: Rhombus Challenge  by Ann Gruner
     Honorable Mention: Brown Bird with Flowers   by Margo Carpenter

Viewer's Choice:

OMG Pandemonium
by Kerry Vansant

Best Use of Color:

Deb's Bargello

by Deborah Lane Sutton

Judge's Choice:

Fruit of the Spirit

by Linda Puhle

Long Arm Machine Quilted Large
     1st: Dragonflies & Lilypads   by Laura B Bird
     2nd: Deb's Bargello   by Deborah Lane Sutton  
     3rd: Memories of George   by Melou Piegari 
     Honorable Mention:  Row by Row   by Jan Gordon

Long Arm Machine Quilted Medium
     1st: Snow Days   bu Cathy Henderson
     2nd: Fruit of the Spirit   by Linda Puhle
     3rd: Nana's Flower Garden   by Helen Wilkinson 
     Honorable Mention: Propensity   by Zosia Koehler

  2nd: Hand Quilted, large            3rd: Hand Quilted, large             HM: Hand Quilted, large            2nd: Hand Quilted, Med/Sm         HM: Hand Quilted, Med/Sm

Beautiful views of the quilts, church and stained glass windows.

Best in Show: Snow Days

by Cathy Henderson

Long Arm Machine Quilted Small
     1st: Touch of Fall Ribbon Quilt   by Carol Schoner
     2nd: Luck Charms  by Jan Lowry
     3rd: Pineapple Surprise   by Deborah Carsillo
     Honorable Mention: He Is Risen    by Jan Lowry

Quilted on a Domestic Machine - All Sizes
     1st: Farm Life   by Cathy Henderson
     2nd: Provence   by Linda Black
     3rd: Paw on My Heart - My Glory   by Linda Puhle
     Honorable Mention:  January Ice Blue   by Helen Wilkinson      

Original Design 
     1st: The Swimmer   by Laura K Orrison
     2nd: Addie   by Laura K Orrison
     3rd: PRIMordial creATion Explosion   by Linda Black
     Honorable Mention: Road to Tranquiltity  

Quilts in the Country 

2021 Quilt Show