Best Use of Color

​Teri Brasz's

Blue Radiance

Hand Quilter Large
     1st: Blue Log Cabin  by Judith Riles
     2nd: Dresden Found  by Jan Hammer
     3rd: LeMoyne Star  by The Maury River Senior Center

Hand Quilted Medium/Small
     1st: A First  by Ann Gruner
     2nd: Jan's Challenge  by Jan Hammer
Machine Quilted Large
     1st: Patriots in Petticoats  by Linda Puhle
     2nd: Flowery Churn Dashes  by Jan Gordon
     3rd: Fifty shades of Gray  by Gail Caldwell
Machine Quilted Medium
     1st: Christmas Trees  by Maureen Gray
     2nd: Underground Railroad  by Rose Watts
     3rd: Fractions  by Deborah A. Lane
     Honorable Mention: In the Garden  by Linda Puhle

Machine Quilted Small
     1st: Rain on the Fall  by Linda Puhle
     2nd: The Last Frontier, Space  by Sue LaRue
     3rd: Exotic Flower  by Deborah Carsillo

Quilted on a Domestic Machine-Large/Medium
     1st: Shenandoah Serenade  by Gregg Colson
     2nd: A Truck for Nathan  by Teri Brasz
     3rd: Wonky Log Cabin  by Jan Gordon
     Honorable Mention:  Asian Chain  by Joan Wendt    

Quilted on a Domestic Machine-Small
     1st: 2019 Initials Challenge  by Carol Schoner
     2nd: Cosmos  by Jan Gordon
     3rd: Winter Greenery  by Jan Lowry
     Honorable Mention: Star Burst  by Joan Wendt    

Judge's Choice 

Carol Schoner's 

Painted Red Flower

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Quilts in the Country 2019 Results

Original Design 
     1st: Hopping All Around  by Linda Puhle
     2nd: Painted Red Flower  by Carol Schoner
     3rd: Blue Radiance  by Teri Brasz
     Honorable Mention: Flowers Unleashed  by Jan Gordon     

     1st: Starry Evening  by Katherine McCrone
     2nd: Sea Turtle  by Madeline White
     3rd: My Turtle  by Caroline Lotts

     1st: Night Owl  by Nancy Eply
     2nd: Spring  by Nancy Eply
     3rd: Saturn  by Nancy Eply
     Honorable Mention: My Paducah Bargello Jacket  by Deborah A Lane

Best in Show

​Linda Puhle's

Hopping All Over

Viewer's Choice Award

​Teri Brasz's Blue Radiance