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Quilt Challenge 2022

​What Brings You JOY??

Great Job Mary Beth Baker and Gail Caldwell for sharing your inspiring, thoughtful quilts to reflect on the craziness of 2020.

Good morning fellow quilters and friends
I know we all hope that COVID ends.
It’s been quite an 18 month ride
Now it’s time to turn the tide

For 2022 we would like to hear from you
Come on folks it’s something we can all do
Put on your creative caps and begin to toy
And tell us in fabric what brings you joy.

It could be simply joy of finding a feather
or taking a walk regardless of weather
A walk on the beach and finding a sand dollar
or winning the lottery and wanting to holler

It could be a small bubbly feeling
or exuberance that has your reeling
Joy that makes you want to twist and shout 
Tell us what your joy is about

A winter afternoon with a book, tea and warm socks
Time with dear friends, tell us what rocks
You have til May 2022
to measure, cut sew and do what you do

Let’s keep the quilt size perimeter under 120 
Of new quilts we hope that they will be plenty
Use color shape pattern and form
And lets end this pandemic storm

Joy of digging in the dirt
Or buying a new shirt
share your joy with us all
Take some chocolate and have a ball!

2022 Quick Details: 

Quilt What Brings You JOY?? 

Keep perimeter less than 120 inches

Bring to May 2022 meeting

Questions? Contact Mary Beth Baker

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