Upcoming Events

April – Jerry Whitt - the Sewing Machine Doctor
Jerry will talk to us about how we can keep our machines in tip top shape, avoiding expensive repairs!

May - Retreat

June - Project Horizon/Lisa's House speaker. We have donated many comfort quilts to Lisa's House. A representative from Lisa's House will tell us about the program, how it works and what our quilts mean to their clients.

July - Service Project. Our program will be making "fidget" quilts for Alzheimer's patients. Fidget quilts are a soothing thing to those patients because the quilt gives their hands something to do. We will show some examples and talk about what is needed to make them at the April and June meetings.


August - lecture/trunk show and workshop by Deb Karasik
Deb is fiber artist and quilter: www.debkarasik.com
She will teach her unique and easy method of binding a quilt for our workshop.
The workshop is limited to 24 people. Cost TBA
Students will learn and experience:
What judges look at when they inspect a quilt's binding.
Why proper pressing of quilts and batting enhances how flat a quilt lays.
How to easily join fabric strips to create the long binding strip.
How to easily affix the binding strip using school glue and sewing.
How to create perfectly mitered corners without bulk.
How to easily 'close' the binding without using math, measuring, or special tools.
The class is about 2.5 hours in length and is suitable for all skill levels.

Sign up for the workshop will start in June.

September- Lecture/presentation by Ricki Selva
"Special Effects"
 She will talk about how to use dynamic color and value combinations to create illusions of light and dimension in quilts.  It is a slide show and trunk show

For the love of the art of quilting!

Please join us!  We meet on the second Saturday of every month at 9:30 a.m.  Come early for coffee and light refreshments.  The meetings are held at the Piovano Building, formerly the Lexington Lifesaving Building, located at 350 Spotswood Drive in Lexington, VA 24450