Block for a Friend


Mary Beth Baker

Zosia Koehler

Jan Gordon

Ann Gruner

Carol Schoner

Susan Greene

Alma Flippen

Deborah Carsillo

Bonnie Gates

Jache Rose Boston

Joanie Wendt

Rose Watts

Sandy Davis

Carolyn Maclam

Block For A Friend

July Block: Joanie Wendt



Bonnie Gate's 

Double 9-Patch Variation

passed out at the May meeting

Bonnie Double 9-Patch Variation.pdf

Carolyn's Maclom's August Block

Churn Dash Quilt Square

ChurnDash Block.pdf

Jan Gordon

Block for November

Carol Schoner's Patriotic Block

Zosia's Bow Tie Quilt Block:

direction in photo above.

Alma's Quilt Block

Jacobs Ladder Alma .pdf

Feel free to make a block for a fiend even if you have not

signed up for this activity.

Sometimes it's fun to try a block while using up some scraps.

Judy Anderson's Victory Star block

Susan Green's

Pinwheels for Patriots

passed out at the May meeting

Susan Pinwheels for Patriots.pdf

Rose Watts Block for November

Rose Watts.pdf